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Fall Art Classes
Fall Art Classes
Every week I will showcase an exceptional artist. We're going to learn about an artist's famous artworks, the vision and the color techniques utilized. I will teach your kids about volume, shape, form and style. I will create curriculums to fit levels of expertise. M-T at 4pm-5pm, or 5pm-6pm
Pay by PayPal or In Person by cash or check no credit cards exapted
Terms & Conditions:

Fill register information and click Register No Scroll up and click Buy Now to complete the registration process. 

Registrations will not be accepted until payment is received.

Classes must be paid in full for selected courses. 

4 classes minimum at the time of booking.

Payments and Refunds

Monthly payment is due 1st of each month in full for 4-5 classes (depends on month). It covers lessons once a week. If you join the class in the middle of the month, we will pro-rate your payment for the first month according to the number of classes left. Full monthly payment for the next month will be due 1st of that month.

Payment Information:

Pay on line or in person. You can pay by cash or check or through PayPal in the time of the promotion for promotional pricing. All checks made out to Fine Art Inspired.

You do not need a PayPal account to submit payment. Use the pay by credit card option on the PayPal landing page to use a credit card without signing up for PayPal. 


$5 per class sibling. Special Promotion and Events on advertised day and time are for new students only, unless otherwise instructed.

Prices for Classes:

Our classes are 1:30 hr long and art supplies included.

More importantly kids love it!

Private lessons are $35 per hour. (Call to Register)

Registration Forms must be submitted online.

Please contact Julia Feldman,

281 8583434

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