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Fall Art Classes

Every week I will showcase an exceptional artist. We're going to learn about an artist's famous artworks, the vision and the color techniques utilized. I will teach your kids about volume, shape, form and style. I will create curriculums to fit levels of expertise. M-T at 4pm-5pm, or 5pm-6pm

Fall Art Classes
Fall Art Classes

Time & Location

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Fine Art Inspired, TBD

About the event


Week 1. Sep 11 - 16 The Cézanne lesson.

  • Paint 3 apples
  • Importance of entire composition

Week 2. Sep 18 - 23 The Dali Lesson.

  • Create imaginary animal based on Dali work

​Week 3. Sep 25 - 30 The Escher lesson.

  • What is Tessellation? Drawing Still Life Class

Week 4. Oct 2 - 7 The Leonardo da Vinci

  • Airplane or Mona Lisa drawing

​Week 5. Oct 9 - 14 The Monet lesson.

  • Landscape Painting. Light, Perspective, Space, Composition

Week 6. Oct 16 - 21 The Van Gogh lesson.

  • Who Am I? Self-Portraits in Art. Self Portrait Sketching

​Week 7. Oct 23 - 28 The Serov lesson.

  • What is Texture? Self Portrait Painting

​​Week 8. Oct 23 - Nov4 The Rembrandt

  • What is artist Baroque? Full Figure Sketching Class – Fashion Design

​​Week 9. Nov 6 - 11 The Degas

  • What is Perspective? Indoor or Outdoor Spaces.

​Week 10. Nov 13 - 18 The Miro lesson.

  • What is Composition? Indoor or Outdoor Spaces.

​​Week 11. November 27 - December 2 The Picasso Lesson

  • What is Cubism? Creative Thinking Class

​​Week 12. December 4-9 The Warhol Lesson

  • What is Pop Art? Illustration Class

Week 7,8      Landscape from Photograph on Canvas, size variable

  • Composition, Aerial Perspective, Space
  • Foreground, Middle Ground, Background

​Week 9         Copy a Painting on Canvas

  • Select a reproduction
  • Replicate the basic Color Structure of the referent work

Week 10,11    Expressive vs. Representational use of color

  • Select subject and format

​Week 12,13    Review and revisit one or more subjects

Week 14        Finish, organize work for ...

  • Create subject into many different shapes
  • Then, repaint it from different angles.
  • Trying to achieve your own style.Color theory and mixing

Primaries, Secondaries, Complementary Pairs

Mixing with Primaries/Secondaries only

Equal step progression


  • 89 days 1 hour

    Fall Art Classes Schedule


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