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I am thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with you on transforming your space into an artistic masterpiece.

Julia Feldman

 We    our customers

Step by Step 

Join us in creating visually enchanting experiences that resonate with every observer.

Step 1

  • Schedule a meeting to discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific themes or elements   you'd like to incorporate.

  • Determine the approximate dimensions of the mural space.

Step 2

  • Provide you with a design proposal, including a cost estimate based on the size of the mural  (priced at $20-$50 per square foot) and the complexity of the design.

  • Discuss design revisions and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 3

  • Review and sign the attached contract, which outlines the terms and conditions of our collaboration. This contract includes details on pricing, timeline, and copyright protection.

Step 4

  • Finalize the design and determine the required materials.

  • Provide an estimated timeline for completion based on the scale and intricacy of the mural.

Step 5

  • A 20% deposit of the total estimated cost is required to secure the project and initiate the work.

Step 6

  • Commence mural creation based on the approved design.

  • Keep you updated on the progress and address any concerns or modifications promptly.

Step 7

  • Upon completion, the remaining 80% of the total cost will be due.

  • Ensure your satisfaction with the result.

Copyright Protection:

All design samples presented during the proposal phase are copyrighted to Julia Feldman. They cannot be used by any other party without explicit permission.

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