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Julia Feldman

Renowned for my multifaceted journey through the world of art, I am a fine artist with a diverse portfolio that reflects my expertise in backstage theater design, muralism, storyboarding, commercial illustrations, and user experience design.

Julia Feldman, an artistic visionary, hails from Uzbekistan (formerly part of Russia), where her early passion for the arts led her to theater. Behind the curtains, she mastered the art of backstage design, creating enchanting sets.

Upon arriving in America, her artistic odyssey soared.

Julia Feldman: The Artistic Odyssey

Origin Tale

Backstage Brilliance

Mural Magic

Storyboarding Maestro

Julia embarked on her creative journey from the expansive landscapes of Uzbekistan, formerly part of Russia. Her move to America marked the beginning of a remarkable artistic adventure.

Theater became her first canvas, where Julia's backstage wizardry breathed life into sets and stages. Her knack for creating immersive atmospheres was the prologue to her artistic story.

As a muralist, Julia's canvas knows no boundaries. Her creations span from whimsical and imaginative kids' spaces to the cozy and inviting ambiance of coffee shop designs. Each mural is a chapter in her narrative of painting dreams on walls. More Info

Julia's storytelling abilities took center stage as she lent her artistic talents to companies like Boeing, Kraft, and the ever-sophisticated Blue Leaf. Her storyboards brought campaigns to life, visually narrating brand messages.

Christmas Cards Illustrations and Promo Materials for Lopez Negrete.

In the world of user experience design, Julia's magic touch has been felt by clients including PNC Bank, Capital One, US Bank, and Sysco. Her ability to craft user-friendly, visually captivating interfaces has left a mark in the digital realm. More Info 

UX Sorceress: In the realm of user experience design, she's worked her wonders for clients including PNC Bank, Capital One, US Bank, and Sysco.

More Info

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